Vintage Amplifier Restoration was founded to provide a service for those who own and love their vintage pieces of audio equipment. The owners of the company are music enthusiast who believe that the older technology is better than present day audio equipment. One could argue that the highest level of perfection in audio equipment was achieved in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

The founders of the company have a combined background of 70 years experience in the field of electronics including; 20 years of experience in radio and television broadcasting, 20 years of experience in industrial electronics manufacturing and field service, 15 years of experience in electronics education, and 15 years of experience in CATV construction and project management. This experience gives us the knowledge to conduct a professionally run business that caters to our customers needs and satisfaction. We also have the skills required to provide a high level of quality craftsmanship when performing repairs or restorations.

During the 70 years of electronics experience, a love of music and it's accurate reproduction have always been sustained. As a result, we have owned and maintained many different pieces of audio equipment. This experience has lead us to the conclusion that a service such as Vintage Amplifier Restoration should be made available to those who have the same love for music and it's reproduction as ourselves. We wish to help preserve the vintage audio equipment that still exist. It is our desire to provide quality service at a fair price for equipment that is treasured. When you send us your amplifier, you can be assured it will be treated with the same loving care that you would give it yourself. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and is backed by our warranty policies.